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Monthly Archives: November 2015

    Thanksgiving 2015: Even More Of What We Are Thankful For

    By Frank Miles | November 25, 2015

    Three Things I Am Thankful For – Rebekah Bell 1) Family: my parents in Murfreesboro and my nine brothers and sisters, and our incredibly loud, happy, goofy times together 2) Love: my curmudgeonly boyfriend Ralph, who mutters about hating people but still loves Christmas-time with the family 3) My health and love of life: running and tae... Read More

    Thanksgiving 2015: More Of What We’re Thankful For

    By Frank Miles | November 24, 2015

    Thanksgiving – Frank Miles It’s a great time of year when we take time and stop for just a second to reflect on what we have instead of continually looking forward and being frustrated at how things are and how they could be better… (I’m guilty)  A certain amount of improvement is good but it... Read More

    Thanksgiving 2015: What We’re Thankful For

    By Frank Miles | November 24, 2015

    My Gratitude – Caitlin Thorsen 2015 has been incredibly generous to me. I was able to marry my partner in crime, travel to see my family multiple times, and just bought our first house last week. A wise woman (my mother, but don’t tell her that she was right!), has always said that everyday is a... Read More

    Is Your Home’s Staging Holding Back Your Sale?

    By Frank Miles | November 23, 2015

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, especially in real estate. One person’s dream home might be a Mad Men–styled contemporary, while another’s includes all the gingerbread charm of a classic Victorian. But when it comes to prepping a home to be viewed and (fingers crossed!) sold, there is both art and science to... Read More

    Nashville Property Values Increasing at ‘Historic’ Clip

    By Frank Miles | November 23, 2015

    Nashville has become a city of construction cranes, a place where tall condos have uprooted one-story buildings and where neighborhoods once avoided are today the prize of developers. Now, the red-hot real estate market is expected to lead to a “historic increase” in property values during the next reappraisal. Davidson County Property Assessor George Rooker... Read More

    Preapproved? Don’t Let Holiday Shopping Kill Your Home Purchase

    By Frank Miles | November 19, 2015

    Gift giving is a wonderful tradition, but if you’re house-hunting during the holidays, you’ll need to be extra vigilant about your spending. After receiving the preapproval on your home loan — the anxiously awaited first big step toward homeownership — you likely breathed a sigh of relief that the official “proving yourself” part of the... Read More

    Nashville Area Becomes One of Nation’s Top Retirement Destinations

    By Frank Miles | November 7, 2015

    Middle Tennessee is receiving national attention as a retirement destination due to a strong economy that is creating jobs, excellent health care and ample recreational opportunities. In its July-August issue, Where to Retire Magazine recognized Westhaven in Franklin as one of the “50 Best Master-Planned Communities in the U.S.” “Who would ever think Brentwood would... Read More

    5 Emotional Home Seller Mistakes

    By Frank Miles | November 7, 2015

    The process of selling your home is incredibly emotional. The good news is that you’re not alone. Millions of people have fallen victim to their emotions when selling their homes. This list will help you predict — and better yet, avoid — some common home seller mistakes. 1. Price reduction paralysis Take this scenario: A... Read More

    Is It Time to Downsize? Ask Yourself These 4 Questions First

    By Frank Miles | November 3, 2015

    When is the right time to “rightsize” to a home that’s better suited to your needs? Well, if you’re in the 60+ crowd (or have a parent in that demo), there are plenty of things that can go into that decision. Maybe you’re finding yourself in a (more or less) empty nest. Maybe you want... Read More

    5 Mistakes Buyers Make In A Hot Market

    By Frank Miles | November 3, 2015

    It’s the never-ending saga of homebuyers everywhere: Just when you start looking for homes for sale in Austin, TX, or here in Nashville, TN, prices seem to be booming and you’re stuck trying to buy in a seller’s market. House hunting is hard to time perfectly, and sometimes it’s impossible to avoid buying in a... Read More