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Monthly Archives: October 2017

    That Cute Nashville Home Is Not For Sale: Or Is It?

    By Frank Miles | October 24, 2017

    There’s no “For Sale” sign on the front lawn and no listing online of that perfect Nashville home you have had your eye on, so it’s safe to say that the home is not for sale. Still, you can’t help but fantasize about owning it one day. It’s not technically on the market, but that doesn’t mean... Read More

    Buying A Nashville Home While Carrying Student Loan Debt

    By Frank Miles | October 24, 2017

    For many consumers, buying a house is a major financial and life milestone. However, student loan debt is preventing some millennials from making a Nashville home purchase. According to one recent survey, 41 percent of college-educated Americans with student loans have postponed buying a home because of their debt. Having student loans won’t keep you... Read More

    The Nashville Home Buying Process: What Are The Rights Of Buyers And Sellers During Closing?

    By Frank Miles | October 24, 2017

    Things can get tricky between making an offer and closing a deal. Getting swept up in the frenzy of buying or selling a Nashville home is easy. After the honeymoon phase comes that awkward stage between agreeing on a tentative deal and reaching the closing table. You might encounter many unforeseen situations in this window,... Read More