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Back To School: Saved By The Bell

Between getting dressed, fed and organized, it’s a miracle the kids make it to the bus at all. Get out the door faster this semester with these parent-approved tips from the folks at Good Housekeeping.

1. Plan Outfits Ahead of Time
Parents agree that this is one of the top culprits for running late. There’s no better time than the night before to select clothes for the next morning so avoid the early morning issue that always crops up of what to wear!

2. Prep Lunch The Night Before
Sending your kids off with a healthy lunch doesn’t need to be another item to eat up the precious little morning window of time you have. Prepping the night before frees you up to worry about other key issues…like where’s your keys?

3. Keep Backpacks Packed
Backpacks do not need to be completely unpacked every single night. Of course, your child will need to remove items to study or do homework each afternoon or night, but that doesn’t mean completely emptying out the backpack. Staying on top of this will ensure that you don’t get the dreaded call at 11AM of “mom, can you bring me my homework?”

4. Start A Family Calendar
Failing to plan is planning to fail. Avoid having important school events or assignments sneak up on you by incorporating a family calendar into your routine. Technology even makes it possible to go paperless and have the schedule always with you!

5. Get Into A Routine
Routine is important, especially when time is of the essence, like during the extremely busy Nashville school year. Why is a routine important? Did you know that keeping a routine can improve overall health, well-being and productivity? Who couldn’t use that!

So whether you are sending your child off to kindergarten for the first time, or sending your senior off to count down the days until graduation, all of us at The Miles Team wish you and your children a very successful school year!

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