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    5 Mistakes Buyers Make In A Hot Market

    By Frank Miles | November 3, 2015

    It’s the never-ending saga of homebuyers everywhere: Just when you start looking for homes for sale in Austin, TX, or here in Nashville, TN, prices seem to be booming and you’re stuck trying to buy in a seller’s market. House hunting is hard to time perfectly, and sometimes it’s impossible to avoid buying in a... Read More

    Appealing To Autumn Home Buyers

    By Frank Miles | October 28, 2015

    For years, seasons and school calendars have dictated real estate markets. Many buyers search hard in the spring and early summer so they can find a house and close before the school year starts in September. As a result, many sellers have held off listing their homes near the holidays and in the winter, favoring... Read More

    What Does Bad Credit Do To Your Homeowner’s Insurance Rate?

    By Frank Miles | October 27, 2015

    You’re probably already aware that credit scores are a major factor when you’re buying a home, because your credit score affects the interest rate you get on your mortgage. Considering how big home loans are, a few credit score points could translate into a slightly higher rate, which ultimately can add up to thousands of... Read More

    Is There A Science To Selling A House?

    By Frank Miles | October 26, 2015

    Selling a home isn’t just about slapping down a fresh coat of paint—you need to delve into home buyers’ brains and figure out what makes them tick. From the moment they spot your listing to the instant they walk through your door, what persuades them to make an offer, and stick around to close the... Read More

    When Should Renters Become Buyers?

    By Frank Miles | October 26, 2015

    Renters today face the highest monthly charges in history and costs just keep rising month after month. In fact, U.S. renters pay 30 percent of their monthly income on rents while homeowners pay just 15 percent on mortgages. The steep cost of rent makes buying appealing, but many renters don’t have enough disposable income after... Read More

    New Survey Shows What Millennial Homebuyers Are Seeking

    By Frank Miles | October 19, 2015

    Young buyers are returning to the market once again, boosted by the stable economy and growing job market. What is it they are looking for? Survey says: walkable communities. Younger buyers are no different from most potential homebuyers in that they are not only looking for the perfect home, they also want the perfect neighborhood.... Read More

    What Your Home Inspector Wants You To Know

    By Frank Miles | September 23, 2015

    No matter whether you’re buying or selling, the home inspection process can be somewhat terrifying: For sellers, it’s a stark reminder of the nagging issues you might have turned a blind eye to over the years. And for buyers, it’s a recipe for pure heartbreak—falling in love with a home that might just end up making no sense to... Read More

    “Testing” A High Listing Price When You Sell Can Cost You Money?

    By Frank Miles | September 2, 2015

    This is a great video on “testing” a high listing or asking price when you go to sell a home. It really is a gamble that can cost you time, frustration and money! To make matters worse, the odds are very much against you if you try.  I know its tempting especially in a buyer’s market... Read More

    10 Items To Get Rid Of Before Your Move

    By Frank Miles | August 17, 2015

    When it comes to moving, deciding what to take with you — and what to leave behind — can be stressful. Spending a little time clearing out dead weight before the move will make settling into your new place much more freeing. Check these 10 areas of your home for items that aren’t worth the... Read More

    The Number One Mistake Buyers Make When Purchasing A New Home

    By Frank Miles | July 23, 2015

    Not being pre-qualified for a mortgage can cause major obstacles for buyers. The reality is, that in this market it is a competitive situation, and if you’re not pre-qualified and you can’t show the realtor that you are ready to go right now, you’re not going to get the house. You’re not even going to... Read More