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Thanksgiving 2015: More Of What We’re Thankful For


ThanksgivingFrank Miles
It’s a great time of year when we take time and stop for just a second to reflect on what we have instead of continually looking forward and being frustrated at how things are and how they could be better… (I’m guilty)  A certain amount of improvement is good but it needs to be overshadowed by how lucky each of us are for what we have today.  As I think about it, I’m overwhelemed with how lucky I truly am and I can’t help but feel a little lucky that I don’t acknowledge these more everyday.
0. For my mustache – no explanation needed.  You can see it and how amazing it is.
1. My beautiful fiance – I couldn’t imagine life without her now.
2. Mom & Dad for putting up with me for all those years.
3. My family is nothing short of miraculous.  To have 7 sisters and a brother (and nieces & nephews) who are still very close and there for each other – I won the family jackpot.  I also won the lottery and the Powerball at the same time by having the opportunity to join my fiance’s family.
4. My friends – everyone from my childhood to today are all very special and bring something unique to my life whether its their bad jokes or them laughing at my bad jokes.
5. My health – I can’t help but think of veterans who paid the ultimate price for freedom or who can no longer walk or throw a football with your kids because of their sacrifice.  Or even those suffering from serious life threatening illness, when I whine about how bad my headache is..
6. For my team: Caitlin, Cristy & Rebekah, who show up everyday and put up with me to make the very best happen for our clients.
7. And for our wonderful friends and clients!  Thank you for making this such a fantastic year and entrusting us with one of the most important decisions in your life – your home.
As I write this, I’m reminded of the thousand and things and most importantly people who have done so much for me and my life and how lucky I am for them to have given me so much.  Just saying thank you doesn’t seem like enough.  I’m simply overwhelmed with gratitude.  Thank you all!


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